Gift Ideas Under $15.00!

Everyone loves getting a gift- but finding a thrifty and stylish one can be hard! Here is a list of Etsy gifts under $15.00 for any occasion!

Pssssst- did you know that not only our economy benefits from buying local, bur environment also benefits from your decision to shop from local businesses?
When $100.00 is spent at a industrial retailer, only $48 will stay in the local economic activity. But when that same $100 is spent at a local/small business $68 will stay in your community, generating 3.5 times more wealth for you and your neighbors. Also according to the Environmental Protection Agency, industrial pollution is responsible for almost 50 percent of the pollution present in the United States, with independent business far more likely to reuse and recycle material ( 59.3% versus big business 7%).

( If every family in the U.S spent an extra $10 bucks at a locally owned, independent business instead of a national chain, over 9.3 billion would be directly returned to our economy)

Click Here to contribute to the revitalization of the American economy

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